A decade of adventure


As our vision 2012 draws to a close and our vision towards 2018 begins, We look at the highlights of the last 10 years


Back in the nineties we were losing almost 30,000 members a year, but today, thanks to the most radical shake up of Scouting in three decades, we’ve transformed the Movement into something truly spectacular. If we were proud of Scouting before, imagine our overwhelming sense of pride now.

Once again we’re growing, thriving and ready to bring the adventure of Scouting to a whole new generation. And it’s thanks to the hard work and determination of our volunteers, all of whom have made the Scouting experience as good as it can possibly be for the UK’s young people.

None of it would have been possible, however, without the guidance of our Vision 2012, an ambitious plan to make Scouting sound, focused, relevant, diverse, youth-led and, as ever, even bigger. And now, as we prepare to launch our Vision Towards 2018, we take a look at the highs of the last decade and our hopes and ambitions for the next stage in Scouting’s evolution.




Under the leadership of Chief Scout George Purdy (above right), we launched a new youth programme, broadened our age range and revamped our uniform.




Offering our fantastic volunteers even better support.




Actor and TV presenter Peter Duncan (below) used his high profile and limitless energy to boost excitement about Scouting again.




We gathered 10,000 Scouts and Guides from 40 countries. We also raised £150,000 for victims of the Asian tsunami, and welcomed new Scouts by removing our age limits.




We raised over £500,000 to bring young people from developing countries to the World Scout Jamboree. We also launched our programmes online.




40,000 Scouts celebrated at our 21st World Scout Jamboree; we put on a massive show at the O2 Arena. We also fully integrated girls into the Scouting family.




We developed a £400,000 building grants scheme, helping nine Scout Groups build fantastic new meeting places.




TV adventurer Bear Grylls became our 10th Chief Scout, joined by new UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt.




Great Tower and Woodhouse Park joined the Scout Activity Centre family, while we ran our first social media campaign and sent Bear Grylls off to visit the entire UK by helicopter.




Scouts were out in force and must have done a good job, because the following year the Duchess of Cambridge joined us as a volunteer!




So here we are at the end of 2012, celebrating one hundred years since we received Royal Charter status. It’s been a busy year, with a major new study showing Scouting’s positive impact, plus we now have over 66,000 female members.


We like a challenge

Another big project that took place this year was Our Sporting Adventure, a competition for all ages and Groups, designed to embrace the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. There were hundreds of activities to do in order to gain maximum points and be in with a chance of winning the coveted gold medal, such as Group Scout Leader Tony Emmerson who opted for an epic 26 challenges. He explains: ‘Space hopper races, darts, gargling competitions, caterpillar belly swimming as well as the traditional javelin, discus etc. We kept it varied and unusual. It was a lot to get through in just 90 minutes.’ There could be only one winner, however. To find out which team was crowned Our Sporting champion visit www.scouts.org.uk/oursportingadventure. Well done to everyone who took part.


A year of celebration

This year also marks 10 years since Explorer Scouts and the Scout Network were formed and thousands of you have been celebrating. Groups such as Avon Scouts marked it with an event called Nex10, while Explorer Scouts and Network Members from Surrey held a special 10th Birthday Theme Park camp at Thorpe Park.


Scouting by numbers

Take a look at our 2012 Scouting stats


25 years of Beaver Scouts

2,500 Groups involved in Scout Community Week

89 boxes of equipment for UK Scouts went to the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden

600 young people and adults in Scouting honoured by HM the Queen at Windsor

10 years of Explorer Scouts and the Scout Network

91% of volunteers said Scouting helped them develop key skills

15% increase in number of 14 to 18- year-olds becoming Young Leaders

4 new Scout Activity Centres in the UK

75,000 books collected by Scouts for the charity Bookbridge

1,412 Groups signed up to take part in Our Sporting Adventure


Vision towards 2018 – a plan for the future

With over seven years of growth and more people than ever enjoying Scouting, you may wonder what next? The next six years will be an exciting time and will focus on building upon the successes of the last decade using our new Vision for Scouting, which takes us up to 2018.


How we did it

The Vision was formed by conducting expert analysis on how future changes in society could affect Scouting, as well as carrying out extensive generational research to identify the different needs of different age ranges and how they can work together. We also invited valuable input from District Commissioners at Regional workshops and input from young people and adults in Scouting. The proposed Vision based on this research was then shared with the Movement and discussed and debated further at the County Commissioner’s Conference in October 2009. Look to the box on the right to see the results:


Turning Vision into reality

Both adults and young people worked together at the National Conference in November 2012 to help create a plan. Focusing on each part of the Vision, they contributed their experience of local successes to be shared across the UK. We’d love to hear your ideas, so please do get in touch at 2018@scouts.org.uk. Let’s make the next six years even better than the last 10.


Our vision explained…

Scouting in 2018 will

• Make a positive impact in our communities

• Prepare young people to be active citizens

• Embrace and contribute to social change


Scouting in 2018 will be…

• Shaped and governed by young people in partnership with adults

• Enjoyed by more young people and adult volunteers

• As diverse as the communities in which we live


Members of Scouting in 2018 will feel…

• Empowered

• Valued

• Proud



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