Games ideas: Get active with your Beaver Scouts

fun with painting

Games are a great way to foster team spirit, learn new skills and have fun. Here are three great games to play with your Beaver Colony.

Game 1: Quick on the draw

For this game, Beavers sit in relay form in two rows. At the end of the room, place a big sheet of paper for each team. Hidden from their view is a piece of paper with a picture on it, drawn by the leader earlier. On the word ‘go’, player 1 in each team runs up, looks at the leader’s picture and starts drawing their own version on their large sheet of paper. After 5-10 seconds the leader calls ‘change’ and the Beavers must run back and set off player 2, who runs up and continues with their team’s drawing. After a couple of goes each, or when the first team thinks they have finished, compare the pictures to see how they have all done. Repeat with a fresh picture and display the works of art on your noticeboard.

Game 2: Picture this

Beavers sit in a large group. One is chosen to go up to a flipchart and is quietly told an object to draw by a leader. The Beaver starts to draw the picture and the others put their hands up if they think they know what it is. The leader chooses one at random and if the answer is correct the guesser takes a turn at drawing. Make sure everyone is chosen and has a go at drawing.

Game 3: Jumbo snakes and ladders

On a large white bedsheet, paint a grid, with about 15 rows and 15 columns. Beavers paint a giant-sized snakes and ladders board and then play the game. You could do this as a base, with a group of five or six Beavers spending ten minutes on it before moving onto another activity base. They will all have then contributed to the big board. Play the game, using Beavers as the pieces that move around the board.

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