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Help your Beavers along the road to a healthy lifestyle by introducing them to the food groups which are best for them, Jenny Winn outlines how.


Using the balance of the good health diagram (below) explain to the Beaver Scouts that they need to eat more food from the larger portions of the circle. Explain that foods containing fats and meat, fish and alternatives need to be included in our diet but in moderation and that a balanced diet is achieved over a period of time, not in one meal.


Naming food groups

Going through each group of foods, ask the Beavers to name a type of food that would go in that group. For example, cheese spread and yoghurt would go in milk and dairy foods. This activity allows you to see whether they have understood the concept of the balance of good health.


Try to give them an opportunity to taste food from the different groups, ensuring that you provide food that they might have eaten before as well as those that are new. Check for allergies or special diets beforehand.


The value of keeping fit

A good way to introduce this is to ask the Colony what activities they have enjoyed at Beavers.

For any that name more adventurous ones, explain that they would have found it much more difficult to take part in these if they were not very fit. Read the story of Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit’s house from Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne to illustrate the point.

Healthy meal

The Beavers can now plan a healthy meal. They can either work on this individually or in small groups, make it simpler by asking them to plan a two-course meal and to think about the dishes that they like to eat to help them.

Personal hygiene

The Beavers should already know about the need for washing themselves and cleaning their teeth. To make this fun, mix glitter with hand cream and ask the Beavers to each cover their hands with the hand cream.

One group of Beavers is given a paper towel to try and remove the glitter, one just has water and the last group has water and soap. They should find that soap and water is the most effective method of removing germs.

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